Tuesday, November 3, 2009

.....and then, "HEIDI WENT TO TAOS"

Water Street Art Gallery artist, Heidi de Contrereas, has just returned from a highly successful trip to Taos. She and Ana Stukenborg visited there at the invitation of Brian Lipperd. Brian previously had a studio in Sapulpa and gave portrait demonstrations at our gallery. He has since moved to Taos and established the Lipperd School of Art. Ana will be returning to Taos in January to begin a six month internship with Brian. This is a remarkable opportunity for her.

Heidi, while in Taos, visited a few galleries and was immediately snapped up by the Firenze gallery. They kept one of her paintings and commissioned more work from her. Heidi will be returning to Taos at intervals to deliver new work. We are so happy for her. Congratulations, Heidi!!

We will continue to blog about her success and progress.

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  1. Hi Heidi,

    I am so excited about your new gallery opportunities in Taos!!! Way to go!! You must post one of your new commissions for us to view!! So glad to be in your company as part of Water Street Art Gallery!!

    Hope to see you soon,