Thursday, April 22, 2010


Two of our Water Street Art Gallery artists,  Kathleen Curran and Betty Dalsing, have been invited to participate in the 2010 Mayfest Invitational Exhibit. 
The Invitational Gallery will be open for a four-day festival beginning Thursday, May 13 and ending Sunday, May 16. There will be a Gallery opening party Wednesday, May 12, 6 pm-8 pm for artists and guests.   The gallery is open after that for public viewing.

Mayfest is an outdoor tribute to the arts and music that is a family-oriented event created to promote a broader knowledge of and appreciation for arts and humanities among serious, as well as casual art lovers.

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  1. Thank you for this very nice website.
    You can click on the Electric Scotland button to go to a picture of my artwork on my last book. Also scroll down to Donna's artwork.
    Donna Jones Flood, Published author, Post office mural artist
    home page:
    For the route 66 show, is that 6x6 in. or ft.?