Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy May First

Saturday, May 1st, Water Street Art Gallery had the pleasure of hosting a trunk show of Happy First, the whimsical, artsy, clothing line by Debbie Vinyard.  She also has wonderful jewelry and candles in her line.  We also had the opportunity to showcase Heather Sleightholm's line, Audrey Eclectic a line of mixed media pieces, that include collage, painting and more.  She will be our guest artist for the month of May, so if you didn't get to stop by on Saturday, you still have time to come see her work!!  It was a great event!!!  Thanks ladies for sharing your talents with us!!!!


  1. looks like an event I would have enjoyed very much! ~ks

  2. You would have ksdoolittle.......we talked about our different art projects, the business of promoting your art, etc. JoBeth sized one of her amazing beaded bracelets. All in all we had a photographer, an oil painter, an clothing and jewelry designer and a silver jewelry artist. It was interesting conversation!! Try to come next time!!
    Kathleen-the photographer! Ha!

  3. oopsy....thought you were talking about coffee and converstion this morning.....sorry!!